Los Angeles Chinatown Attractions

Chinatown Attractions

Yang Chow

This delightful restaurant will ensure that your belly does not leave unsatisfied after your visit. Not only do they serve wonderful seafood dishes, but they are home to their world famous Slippery Shrimp. Dine in elegance, and out of the noisy streets at their fine establishment. They offer a full menu with everything you might need to satisfy your taste buds and your hunger. They have been in business since 1977, and continue to provide their customers with only the best that Mandarin and Szechuan cuisine has to offer.

You can visit them at 819 North Broadway right in the heart of Chinatown. If you would like to find out more menu information, or perhaps make a reservation for your favorite spot in their restaurant, you can give them a call at 213 625 0811.

Golden Dragon

If you want some of the best Dim Sum in Chinatown, look into going to this restaurant for award winning Dim Sum and even more delicious dishes to please your taste buds. There is enough parking at this restaurant which allows everyone a spot at the door. There are no worries on spending too much money when it comes time to pay; their prices are reasonable and affordable. Perhaps you’re going to Chinatown with a large group or family members. They will be more than happy to take your party, get everyone ordered, and fed. This is great when you do not want to wait to be seated or fed.

If you want to visit them, go to 960 N. Broadway right in the heart of Chinatown where only the best food is made. They are open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Call ahead of time to get seating for a large party, or just to find more information at 213 626 2039.

Empress Pavilion

They offer some of the best tasting Dim Sum in the area, and are efficient when it comes to service. They have a large selection of classic Chinese dishes for you to choose from. So if Dim Sum is not on your list of favorites, there is something that might be on their menu. Some of these items include peking duck, shredded duck with jellyfish, suckling pig, and roast pork. This might be worth a try if you would like fine Chinese dining without a long waiting time.

Visit them for the food you have waited to taste at 988 North Hill Street. You can also call their restaurant for more information when it comes to giving them a visit at 213 617 9898. You will be glad you stopped by for a visit and good food on your trip through Chinatown.

Full House Seafood

Not only do they have the finest cooked seafood in the area, but they also are open until 3 a.m. This allows you to eat all night long if you choose too. They have been around for more than 20 years, and know good service and great food. They fry up gently breaded squid and shrimp to perfection, and give you large heaping plates of it. With their large selection of types of shrimp, you will never feel at loss when you visit them.

If you would like to find out more information, get a copy of their menu, or call for pricing then you can do so by calling 213 617 8382. Visit them at 963 North Hill Street right in Chinatown. You can be sure to get the food you’re after when it comes to visiting Full House Seafood.


Chinatown Summer Nights

This is mostly a large sized fair throughout Chinatown. Not only is it a large summer party, but they offer some of the best food around as well. You can shop at the booths along the streets, try your luck at some of the games that are set up, or just sample the food at the gourmet trucks and restaurants nestled along the walks of Chinatown. They showcase public art along the streets, and dancing with music in a square is also permitted. Chinese beer is served at a number of different tents for those who would like some spirits during the event. Museums and local organizations for Chinatown offer hands on workshops for all of the visitors and residents during this event. Some of the workshops include cooking demos, family workshops, and interactive dancing. This is one event you do not want to miss while at Chinatown.

The festival runs every year in August from 5 p.m. to Midnight. This allows you to have the best fun throughout the night in the brightly lit up festival. It is located between Broadway and Yale Streets, and then from College Street to Bernard.

Farmers Market

The Farmers Market is one of the biggest of all Chinatowns. Not only does it offer Asian produce items and goods, but it also provides only the finest quality produce, fruits, and much more from certified farmers around the area. In 2002, Los Angeles became the first Chinatown to host a Farmers Market within their community. Some of the fresh items include cherries, apricots, corn, tomatoes, white peaches, summer squash, peppers, lettuce, and much more to please all different types of eaters.

It is located at 727 North Hill right in Chinatown. If you have any questions, or need to know more about the Farmers Market, you can give them a call at 213 680 0243.

Mid Autumn Moon Festival

This free festival is held every year for the residents and tourists who come through Chinatown. They offer shows of dancing, singing, and entertainment of all sorts throughout the night. Food is also available throughout the night. Acrobats fly through the air while history lessons are abundant when walking through the streets. You can choose any restaurant, or choose to purchase delicious food off the street at the booths. There is live music from local bands, as well some tasteful art from the local artisans. View the moon in a different way during this festival, and learn more about the Chinese culture. Not only do they have the festival, but they also host a 5k moonlit run and walk competition.

This festival is held in September or October, and runs from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. They are located in Central Plaza at 943-951 North Broadway Street. If you have any questions, or need to find out more information on the festival, you can give them a call at

Healthy Neighborhood Festival

This festival is exactly as it sounds. It is a health and wellness festival for the neighborhood. There are many competitions to enter into such as dance, hula hoop, or rock climbing. There are give a ways and door prizes for people who show up. All of the activities and health screenings are free for the families who attend as well. You can get your health assessed while having fun at the same time! You can get all the nutritional information you need from professionals for free on how to stay fit. There are also music and dance performances and workshops for everyone. This is one event everyone should attend while in Chinatown.

You can visit this festival at 1000 North Alameda Street. It is thrown in October, and it is free to attend. Grab the whole family, and bring them down for some excitement. It is held from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


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